June 13, 2016

White Dog and the White Dog Army were seasoned troupers tonight. I feared an evening of unhappiness and discontent over Steve's return to school and late night classes. But the WDA showed their mettle.

Of course everyone flocked to the door and windows to send Steve off late this afternoon. And we spent a bit of time after just kind of hanging out together discussing the new quarter and how sometimes hard it is to keeping changing routine.

After a while, CA Stormer looked up. "Aren't you going to do any work tonight, momma?" he asked. "Well, yes, baby boy, I am but I wanted to make sure every pup was OK and felt loved first. I was especially kind of worried about you and Sachi and Puff."

"I am a little nervous," he admitted. "I hate whenever Dad goes. But I keep reminding myself that we can do this...and that dad ALWAYS comes home to us. Are you proud of me for trying, momma?" "Sweet Love, I am not only proud but I am very impressed with your faith in dad. It makes me so happy to see you learning to trust." He nuzzled my hand.

Poor Puff was patient as the evening progressed. She could see me down the hall and we talked. Her water was right at hand...but unfortunately, she would need to wait for Steve's return in order to be carried outside. We had set up a pad for her just in case need overcame her, but she is proud...and now at the near end of our wait...rather squirmy.

I peeked out of the office to check on the WDA in the living room and laughed to see Sachi and Pearl draped over the back of the watching chair. They were side by side, front paws over the back, chins resting on the top cushion so they could "watch" or as they were that moment...nap. Back legs dangled, not quite reaching the seat cushion. It was as if they had been gently balanced on the edge.

The rest of the WDA moved in and out regularly checking on me. When I stood to stretch or moved for a necessary break they were attentively at my side. Every pup was relaxed and calm. I hope the evening of naps will not mean super-energized pups for bedtime walks.

Perhaps, I said, as the phone rang to indicate Steve was in the car on his way home, we are all finding a rhythm is the disjointed dance of living with an academic's schedule.  All it took was "Dad's on his way and treats soon" to rally the troops.

Steve is going to get one VERY WELCOME HOME greeting.


Random Felines said...

we bet he got a great welcome home :)

How Sam Sees It said...

We feel the same way when Aaron is gone! It's amazing how much the dynamics change when any of the "pack" members are gone.

Monty and Harlow