June 14, 2016

White Dog came dashing into the bedroom where I was getting dressed. "We are having company today? Why didn't anyone tell me?" Then off she ran to tell the others the big news.

The White Dog Army already wondered what was up. Here in the morning BEFORE breakfast Steve was moving furniture to mop and sweep away the dust t-rexs that had taken up residence. And he had already spent time dusting our wonderful NM infiltrate-every-place sand, mixed with finer floof from the collectibles and horizontal surfaces.

The news of company was exciting and to the Army reassuring...Dad was not cleaning so thoroughly in anticipation of shaving all of the pups and caulking shut the windows.  Our friend and former fellow blogger, Nancy, was coming by for a catchup lunner (lunch and dinner), but really the big cleanup was the usual beginning to a new quarter...before life gets crazy and mundane tasks fall to the wayside...the BIG cleanup lets us coast a bit and dedicate less time to housewifery until the end of the quarter where the cycle renews.

Impatient to get past the uninteresting preparation, White Dog wanted to know what we were having to eat...and when we would be cooking. "This is the best of both worlds," I told my little gourmet. "Some things we are cooking; others are coming from that really nice man at Sahara."

She threw back her head and howled in happiness. "Shwarma? Please let it be his chicken shwarma!"

We love getting together with Nancy for lots of reasons but for two special ones: she loves the WDA and when given the choice of meeting spots ALWAYS volunteers to spend the afternoon amidst every pup greeting, sniffing, giving approval, and settling close to her...AND she loves to eat the favorites of the house.

We sat down to a lunner of Middle Eastern grazing bits, falafel with tahini sauce, cucumbers in mint yougurt, a selection of pickled olives and veggies, bite-sized spanakopita triangles, shwarma, and of course, humus and pita. There were fresh fruit and wafer cookies for dessert. And Nancy had brought a pitcher of raspberry red zinger sun tea.

Conversation swirled around dogs, hers and the WDA, and topics of all manner. The background piano music ushered in the late afternoon shadows perfectly...and the White Dog Army (with the exception of one bratty little nip that earned Sachi timeout in the bathtub) were perfect hostesses and hosts.

They listened politely and remembered their best manners. Even the newest members of the WDA impressed our friend. And when the time came everyone ushered her to the door...

...only to blizzard around me to ask, "NOW? Now can we have OUR shwarma and humus and cucumbers...and please can we have cookie, too?"


meowmeowmans said...

That sure sounds like a wonderful visit you had with Nancy. Delicious, too! :)

nancyturtle said...

It was delightful and delicious!

Brian said...

It sure sounds like y'all had a wonderful and fun visit!!!

Random Felines said...

what a wonderful visit (and the menu may have made mom drool a little)