June 16, 2016

White Dog was NOT in the mood for her brother to have an attack of the studly lotharios. I watched her subtly warn off the pesky advances of Sachi several times but he just was not getting the hint.

Although he is fixed, our Little Man thinks he is the ultimate gift of male dogness on this planet.  He is convinced that every girl dog he comes in contact with instantly falls madly under his spell; that he is the poster pup for "Too Sexy for My Furs!"

Now the ladies, especially his siblings, often have quite another point of view. White Dog certainly did today.

White Dog's rebukes became less nuanced as Sachi refused to leave her alone. "Clearly, Sachmo," I told him, "you are irritating her. Maybe you ought to find something else to do."

He looked at me, swaggered over to where White Dog had bent her head to the water bowl, and put his nose under her tail! WD has never tolerated this sometimes common violation of respect and today it was just one too many steps over the line.

I was confident that she would not hurt him so in the interest of perhaps teaching a hard lesson, I let the scene unfold.

She whirled around so fast water sprayed from her lips and she head butted Sachi's shoulder. He rolled off his feet in shock and let out a cry. Steve grabbed Zsofia's collar before she could rush to his rescue and whispered in her ear.

White Dog straddled her brother and he rolled on his back in
submission. But he made the mistake of yipping defiantly as she turned. In a flash her foot was on his chest and her face at his ear as she growled a response. Then she gave HIM a good sniff and walked away.

Sachi ran to Steve and Zsofia. "Sorry, Bud, you asked for it," Steve told him unsympathetically. Zso wooed her solution...a challenge to wrestle...and the two were off.

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Random Felines said...

good job White Dog!! mom says this is why she lets us play with the foster kittens (especially the ones that don't come with a mom)....teaches them some manners