June 17, 2016

White Dog left my side in the office to check up on the rest of the White Dog Army. She does that regularly, just to make sure she has a handle on what is happening. I appreciate her supervision and am so confident in her surveying that I keep working unless she comes to me with a problem. Often she completes her tour and returns to her spot without my really even noticing.

I looked to my left a bit later to see a white form next to me with her head at my feet with Bella napping quietly behind her. I smiled at my two constant girls.

On my right I felt a gentle tap and looked over to see White Dog. She was asking for attention and wanted to join me.

"Well, who is in your usual spot?" I asked her. I reached down to stroke the thick white furs and Opal shot up, startled. She looked at me. "Sparkling Girl, this is a very nice surprise! Resting so close AND letting me pet you, that took a lot of courage." She smiled and wagged but the moment was broken.

She got up and moved to a spot in the hallway where she typically rests--watching me from a more cautious distance.

White Dog moved to her spot next to me. "How about that?" I said to the Little White Dog of My Heart. "Thank you for being patient and understanding. Opal was following your example--and--Bella's because she knew your resting choice would be safe and full of love."

For just a minute before resuming work, I paused to smile at this special moment of progress.


Random Felines said...

Love that....progress made with love and patience

meowmeowmans said...

This is so very beautiful. Love always wins. :)