June 2, 2016

White Dog watched Zsofia out of the corner of her eye. The Dark One was planning something, you could feel it in the air. I absent mindedly greeted our "Baby" with a pat as I worked on measuring and recording sizes in the master list for the auction.

When Steve left for work, he slid a baggie with a couple of small quesadillas into my file holder in the IMPORTANT slot..."Hopefully, you will remember to eat lunch this way," he told me. So far, I had not taken the time to eat.

WD leaned against me and tapped my leg...this is part of the subtle pack leader language we have developed. It means "momma, there is trouble afoot."

I saw my lunch baggie slowly sliding deeper into the file holder and sensed the big girl presence at the edge of the desk. Slowly I moved my hand past the cursor and nabbed the corner of the plastic just as it was about to disappear. There was resistance for a moment...and then a fast hard tug that snatched my corner from my fingers.

I looked up into the face of Zsofia now holding the quesadillas and gave an exaggerated look of shock and horror. I could see her thinking. She could turn and run. The cheesy tortillas would be tasty. But momma would be mad. And so would the others for her not sharing.

Zso took two steps around the desk and gently nuzzled the baggie against my arm. "Here, momma," she said, "it is getting late and I saw you had not eaten. This is your lunch."

"Thank you for being concerned, Sweet Girl," I told her stroking her ears. "Would you like a bite? And how about you, White Dog? A bite?"

Before they had even swallowed, the rest of the WDA came pouring from all corners of the house to claim THEIR nibble. I don't even know how they knew but I was VERY grateful Steve had made two.