june 3, 2016

White Dog and the others were hot and bored. The poor young woman had no clue that she was about to enter...The White Dog Army Zone!

We live in the university area of town and even at the best of times have lots of foot visitors of sincere young people bringing petitions and activism pleas to our door. With the New Mexico Primary just days away, the stream has become a torrent.

WD saw her walking along the sidewalk, clipboard in hand. The WDA was ready to start their song but she held up a paw to delay them. The Army moved with stealth to positions at the window and front door. Pearl crouched at the sunporch screen.

The girl walked confidently up the drive. Sachi uttered a throaty growl when he saw her on the landing but WD's look silenced him. Two more steps and she was at the door. She raised her hand to knock and White Dog sang the first notes to a thunderous song of welcome and attack.

She looked up, eyes like a deer's moments before the cougar bites...and then Benson and Zsofia stormed across the living room to leap onto the watching chairs. Their momentum tipped the chairs back to knock against the sill and their faces smashed in contorted barks against the windows.

The young woman turned and RAN down the drive. She did not stop until halfway across the neighbor's frontage where she stopped and looked back. I felt her consider trying again and then turning to move on, after making a mark on her clipboard.

After, the WDA gathered in clusters around the water dishes all laughing and recounting their parts in the story. "Did you see her face when I popped up on the end table?" Bella bragged. "Yeah, but she will never forget the sound of my WOOF! as I pushed the mail slot outwards," Yo countered.

"I think you should send a thank you note to the candidate whose postcard she dropped as she hurried away," I suggested. "That brave soul made your day."