June 6, 2016

White Dog watched Steve walk briskly through the house and heard him put down his school stuff. "Maybe we should not have been so joyful to see him?" she asked with furrowed brow and worried look. "It is just that we were all do glad to see him home so quickly."

"You and The Army did fine, Sweet Girl, it is just that sometimes we humans need a little time to see things clearly."

Every summer for years, Steve has taught a summer course at the University (in addition to his chairing duties at the College) in three-dimensional building modeling. He enjoys the interaction with architecture students and their design training; an opportunity he does not get at the College preparing drafters for the real world. The summer class is an intense month of morning classes which he does and then spends afternoons/nights at "real" work. The University class is design project driven and adds a bit of extra money to the budget.

Today was the first day of that class.

Except...the class did not "make" as they call it. He was two students short of the minimum number needed so the class was cancelled. That is why he was home so quickly.

It was good news in that suddenly the WDA had dad back in the mornings of June and frankly, Steve would not be wearing himself to a frazzle.

But it was bad news because the anticipation of technical design talk had been plowed under and of course, he would not receive the teaching fee. He was wise enough to know the benefits...

...but still was feeling a sense of loss.

"Let him change clothes," I told the White Dog Army, "and come out to join us when he is ready. THEN you can remind him that you are glad that he is home with you." All the pups nodded...

...and went dashing in to deliver a message of love.

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Random Felines said...

that must be so frustrating - not just for Steve but for the student that planned to take the class.