June 7, 2016

White Dog gathered the White Dog Army around her just before 11:45am. The crowd fidgeted and moved into positions around her. "Spread out," she told them. " you are going to need room to each lie down and stretch out." The Army looked at her with puzzlement and curiosity.

Just then the swamp cooler kicked on for the first time in the day. "OK," WD announced, "this is a training session for all you new recruits on swamp cooler protocol. Everyone find a good spot and lie down. Can you feel the cooling airs? Good! Now do this..."
"Shift around until the breeze from the vent makes your furs dance and caresses your tummy. Then just relax and chill."

The older members of the WDA quickly found their groove from many years of practise. They woofed tips and encouragement to the newest members.

Zsofia exhibited perfect form...


Random Felines said...

Yep....though around here Mozart gets more excited when it's space heater season.

meowmeowmans said...

Wow, Zsofia is a quick learner! And White Dog is a fantastic teacher. :)