July 14, 2016

White Dog and Steve were having a conversation in French; Zsofia was wooing along agreeably although I was pretty certain she had no clue what was being said. I raised an eyebrow.

"It is Bastille Day, momma," White Dog gently explained. "It is a day of celebrating the struggle for freedom in France and the overthrow of tyranny. You should REALLY love this day!"

CA Stormer sauntered over. "French? As in French food?" Our Pearl chimed in, "As in French Toast?" Suddenly we were surrounded by White Dogs demanding that they get to eat cake.

I looked at Steve. "Do you have the time and inclination to make a mountain of French toast?" I asked. He looked around at the White Dog Army. "Oui." A quiet voice, Benson's, asked, "Can we also have poivrons farcis au brie?" White Dog's head snapped around. "Where did you learn that?" she asked. "Remember, I was a Mississippi boy for a time," he answered. "You pick things up in Creole."

She looked at Steve. “Certainement! But how about I cut them up instead of stuffing?” “What are we going to eat besides French toast?” Sachi asked. “I guess as long as it is yummy it doesn’t matter.” I leaned over and whispered, “Bell peppers and brie cheese.” “Oooohhh, Pīman wa, burīchīzu o tsume.” He said showing off his knowledge of Japanese.

“Well, let’s get cooking!” WD demanded as she and the WDA herded Steve into the kitchen. 

“Liberty, equality, fraternity!...and some of the world’s best noms."

Sadly, after writing this post we learned of the horrible tragedy that unfolded in Nice, France, today as celebrants were attacked and murdered in an atrocious act of terrorism. We grieve with the world tonight as hatred and disregard of the values of French freedom strike again.


Random Felines said...

it is sad that a celebration of fraternity ended in tragedy.....

meowmeowmans said...

We love your post, sweet friends. It's horrifying and sad that some humans have such disregard for love and life.

How Sam Sees It said...

Such a sad day in France. Your post was perfect.

Monty, Harlow and Ramble