July 15, 2016

White Dog and CA Stormer came over to complain. "None of the others want to come outside and exercise," White Dog said, "Stormer has put together a really fun 20-minute workout and no one will leave the house to participate. It is kind of an insult to him (Stormer hung his head) AND if everyone just lays around all the time, they are going to get tubby. Maybe you need to threaten that there will be no treats."

"Sweet loves," I told them both stroking a face with each hand. "I am sure that everyone will love Stormer's activities BUT the temperature outside has been nearly 100 degrees. Even in the shade of the yard, it is too hot to exercise. I am sure you do not want any of your brothers or sisters being overcome by the heat or getting sick. The White Dog Army is doing exactly what you should all be doing...drinking lots of water and taking naps under the swamp cooler breezes."

"But momma," a frustrated WD pushed, "they are just eating and sleeping!"

"Think about how warm it has been even late at night when dad takes you all for pre-bedtime walkies. It is not as scorching as the daytime but it is certainly not weather for a brisk comfortable walk. All week you have dashed for the water bowl when you have come back and your furs are warm. And that is at 11pm."

"So no one exercises until winter?" she said as Stormer settled down onto his bed.

"No, but you must be reasonable. Maybe a couple days of the week get the WDA up early which is the coolest part of the day and go outside. But if you are outside early you must remember to be considerate of our neghbors who may still be sleeping. You know Pearl and Zsofia can get quite a song going when they are having fun. Or maybe CA can develop an inside exercise plan where no one will get overheated but will stretch and move around more. Think about it, it is not always easy to make a plan work but you are both smart."

Stormer slowly stood back up rocking to stretch first his back legs and then his front. "Like this," he told White Dog, "we could do stretchies and doggie yoga!" Suddenly he was excited again.

"Let's go do some planning," he told her. "I bet we can get everybody ot of nap mode and into workout fun...you can pick the music!"

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Random Felines said...

Slo mo yoga sounds like a plan for over heated days