July 16, 2016

White Dog and the rest of the White Dog Army tried to stall our leaving for the opera. "Have you both had potty breaks?' White Dog asked. "Can we have one more round of treats? I know we just ate but it WILL be a long time until you return," from Opal. No one really wanted us to go.

Normally there is a bit of resistence and begging eyes but all know that they will have a quiet evening and we will return with special treats. To make sure that treats were ready, I had earlier in the day cut up WDA portions of the chicken breasts that was to be part of our pre-Opera picnic and placed them in the fridge. No matter what, the WDA would be guaranteed luscious chicken limon.

Their concern was not missing us or the potential of there being no treats it turns out.

Every year the local business association closes off famous Route 66, just a half black from our home, to host a full day and evening of Summerfest, combination street party, fair, and neighborhood bother. It is one of the biggest summer events in the city and people crowd residential areas for parking, are noisy and leave litter everywhere. The White Dogs do not like the increased street noise and activity. Nor are they fond of the bands and other party sounds that drift over from the actual event.

To appease pups, we close all of the blinds, and turn on soothing music to play while we are gone. But they can sense the change in pace and are restless as a result. The steady stream of party goers does not relent until midnight, not much before we return.

We heard the WDA as we pulled up. They could not see us as even the blind for the looking chair was drawn but they let us know immediately that they were VERY glad we were home. As we came in and settled we thanked them for the fine job guarding our house during this terrible imposition and gushed about how brave they were during the aussault.

Steve retrieved chicken from the coldbox and offered each pup a share. After devouring that, noses pushed against the cold bag we use for picnics. "Carrot cake?" "scallop salad?" "how about even just bread and pate?"

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How Sam Sees It said...

Leaving is always so hard, isn't it? I always wish I could bring a pup with me wherever we go.

Monty, Harlow and Ramble