July 27, 2016

White Dog was kind of sad as Steve leashed up Benson and Nilla. "Don't worry Sweet Girl," I told her. "They are just going to get their rabies shots. Then we can get every pup licensed and renew our Multi Dog Permit. It won't hurt them and they will quickly return."

"I was just thinking that this is the first year that the White Dog Army will not have its usual battle with the City over getting Puff's license," she replied softly. "It was always such a charge as you went in and pressed until you got SOMEONE to actually understand that she was very old and had bunches of medical reason that she had never been spayed and that we certainly were NOT breeding her. Year after year. And Dr. Julia wrote a special letter again and again. Now we won't need to do that. You and dad will just go in and it will be done."

"Puff was our Tina Turner singing Proud Mary, the part where she says that we don't do nothing easy," I laughed and then teared up for a moment. WD was right, the pack now lacks something in the feisty category.

Steve and Nilla and Benson returned a bit later to report the shots were accomplished. Steve mentioned that Benson was Mr. Calm and Cool (even though he now clung to my legs and demanded my arms stay around him). Nilla did not like the experience one bit and let her distress be loudly known at the office. She was now curled with her back against Pearl smiling her joy at being home.

"Next step," Steve told them all, "is a visit to Animal Welfare on Friday for the actual tags." White Dog began planning a celebration party for dinner.
Want to see where they stuck me, momma?

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meowmeowmans said...

We are glad things went smoothly this year with the City, but sad about the reason why. Gentle purrs to you all, dear friends.