July 28, 2016

White Dog sniffed my eyeballs as her greeting this morning. Before I could even ask, she told me, "You got sickies, momma." "Sweet girl," I replied, "I am feeling fine. You are mistaken. Of course the old momma body will take a little time to totally wake up and not be creaky, but that is not unusual."

She called Bella over. "yep, you are right White Dog," Bella sniffed and responded. Her diagnosis was confirmed by Nilla and then Benson and then Opal. Sachi jumped at the edge of the bed until I lifted him so he, too, could sniff. I was not allowed to get ready for the day until each of the Army had sniffed, conferred and agreed with White Dog.

"You guys better get your snooters fixed. This momma is good to go."

After my readiness routine of the morning I joined the family in the living room and Steve served up a delicious smelling breakfast of hashbrowns topped with runny fried eggs and sausage. And of course, our cream with coffee.

Halfway through the meal, a tummy cramp hit and then a wave of queasiness descended. I set my plate down and hurried from the room. When I returned a bit later I was sweating and a little green. Steve looked concerned.

"Breakfast was wonderful but I think I am done. Seems my body is dealing with some sickies this morning. Good thing I have the Coffee Club to enjoy my beverage."

All White Dog Army heads turned to look at me but waited for White Dog to say, "Told you so" before going into momma nursing mode.


Brian said...

We sure hope your Momma is all better super soon!

Agnes B. Bullock said...

The DWM have the same sense about sickies for me too- have learned NOT to ignore them, especially Snoopy!

Get better soon

Jans Funny Farm said...

Wow, you have your own staff of dogters. Sorry they were right in their diagnosis. Get well soon!