July 3, 2016

White Dog was still blinking the sleep out of her eyes when she came out of her suite in the office. "Let's go, Baby Girl," I urged, "we have to go to work." "But momma, we did not go to bed until nearly 2:30 in the morning!"

Yes, we had stayed up to enjoy post opera snacks and conversation with the White Dog Army; we had not arrived home until twenty past one...and then there were walkies and fussing over Puff. BUT we had been asked to have a Paws To People information booth at the Railyards Market which opens at 10am but requires earlier setup.

The original plan had been for Steve and I to take White Dog and Zsofia with as spokesdogs but it had been slightly modified. Steve would help me set up and then would leave White Dog and I to meet and greet while he returned home to feed the White Dog Army and spend much needed time with the pups who felt abandoned.

Then an hour before the Market's end, he and Zsofia would come back and finish up the Event and help with packout. The outing was partly a present for Zso's upcoming birthday; we knew she would be fascinated with the large old building and the bazaar atmosphere. White Dog is an old pro as spokesdog. She sat on my lap. She pranced in front of our table. She sat pretty next to our sign. She curled up like an adorable arctic fox on her bed. All the while encouraging people to come close enough to pet her and to learn more about our fight to end disease.

WD and I were actually surprised when Zsofia strolled up dragging Steve; it seemed too soon for it to be 1pm. Zsofia brought a new energy to our table and people flocked over to hug and get kisses from the energetic darkest white dog. "She is such a ham," WD muttered but appreciated the opportunity to just curl up next to me and nap.

The Railyards Market takes place in an old rundown building that once was a repair hangar for locomotives. The rails and turnarounds are still in place. It is missing windows and roof panels but it is a cavernous hall that should the money ever be committed to restoration will be a true landmark.

Zsofia discovered the building also echoes. Her song to the children passing with balloon figures made by an entertainer at the other end of the building made it very clear that she wanted to play and would like their balloon toys. Every one was amused except White Dog who rolled her eyes, "We just cannot take her any where."

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Random Felines said...

Always good to get out....and bring your own entertainment. Ha