July 4, 2016

White Dog...and the rest of us awoke to this reminder tucked under our sleeping heads or paws at rest:
As if we would...or could...forget. The birdies had just begun to sing when Zsofia or BG (Birthday Girl as she insisted on being called today) began to rattle her bedroom door to remind Steve he had promised an early morning "Dad and Me" Walk.

Over a special blueberry pancake breakfast the White Dog Army shared their favorite Darkest White Dog stories..."remember last year when we planted a garden but Zso ATE everything before it ever was grown enough to pick? She even ate the plants"...we honored the maturity and progress she has made from being a crazy one year old to becoming a slightly less crazy two-year old who is Puff's finest attendant...the WDA toasted her future and health and wished for magic to kiss her.

Zso and Steve went into the yard for a birthday photo shoot. "Hey, isn't that OLD snakey?" I asked as he flipped through the photos. He nodded. "I thought the point of NEW snakey was to retire the old torn up one to the trash bin," I reminded. "I did," Steve explained, "but Zsofia saw me putting it into the bin and sat next to it, crying. She didn't stop until I took it out and gave it back to her. She has been hiding it outside."
White Dog presented a special surprise at treat time. Instead of the the usual, she had arranged for each of the WDA to have a lamb shank bone from the local butcher. There was an Army-wide swoon for nearly two hours...and the need for a long gluttony recovering nap.
Early pre-dinner walks were meant to preempt the loud noises from holiday revelers. They were mostly successful but glad to be home, safe and inside...and were ready for Zsofia's special request birthday dinner.

Chicken sausage, broccoli, roasted sweet potato wedges filled each bowl. Birthday "cake" was Zso's favorite concoction that she shares with Steve: cottage cheese mixed with berries and crunched up graham crackers.

And now we all crowd together in the office to avoid the fireworks noises, write a birthday blog, and listen to Joshua Tree by U2 which allows us to howl louder than the outside noise. In a bit we will all go cuddle on the bed and watch a loud movie and eat popcorn.

The Baby seems quite pleased with her "Special Day." Happy Birthday with Love from Siku, YoYoMa, Puff, Bella, Sachi, Benson, Nilla, Opal, Pearl, CA Stormer, ..Dad and I.  As Sachi says, "Same place, same time next year, right?"


NanĂ¼k said...

Happy day Zso! Much love from us,

Nuk & Family

Random Felines said...

sounds like a wonderful celebration!! Happy Birthday (a little late) Zso!!

FiveSibesMom said...

Wooooo! Happy Birthday from all of us Zsofia! (Sharing over on our FiveSibes Facebook page, too!)