August 13, 2016

White Dog said, "Our friends could not have better timing! Look how excited and happy she is. Let's not tell her the box is for all of us."

We received a surprise from our sweet and thought friends, The Slimmer Pups (Georgie, Lily and Mimi) and their wonderful mom, Mindy. It was a delightful "We love You" gift, sent for no particular reason...except...

...it happened to arrive today...Zsofia's Gotcha Day! Our two year old darkest white dog was over the moon with happiness as Steve gently cut open the box and set it on the chair for her to open. Inside were treats, a tug toy, TWO stuffies (well, one unsuffie), and tennis balls. It was a bonanza of kindness.

Zso tried to fit everything into her mouth and quickly figured out it would be easier to just take the box itself. "Hold on there, Little Miss! First, we are all going to share in the fun. Second, you may choose ONE toy for now."Steve told her.

The White Dog Army waited impatiently to see which she would pick; her head was in the box for quite awhile as she decided. Finally she gave Steve the tug toy so that he could remove the packaging. "Good choice, we could play this together...or..." Sachi was jumping on his sister. "...You and Sachi could have a tug of war."
I let him win, Dad. But now he won't share!
"This might be a good time for a cake to celebrate," I suggested. White Dog and I had made an apple spice cake while the WDA napped earlier just for the occasion. Tails thumped in anticipation.

"It might also be a good time to thank your friends." Steve reminded. "Why don't you start the note while I get cake ready?"

Happy Second Gotcha Day Zsofia! You certainly make life interesting. We love you but laugh every time momma calls you her "Itty Bitty Baby Girl!"


Random Felines said...

HAPPY Gotcha Day Zsofia!!

Brian said...

What a nice package of goodies! Happy Gotcha Day sweet Zsofia!!!

meowmeowmans said...

How wonderful of the Slimmer Pups to send that package to you. Happy Gotcha Day to sweet Zsofia!