August 14, 2016

White Dog and the White Dog Army filed into the living room and took their places as Steve set up his laptop to take notes and we arranged the phone for the conference call that would connect the Paws To People Board of Directors for our monthly meeting.

Nonvoting members, the WDA never misses a meeting and always comes prepared. We were ready.

As the phone network was being established, a few Army members ran out for last-minute necessity breaks.

We were just about to call the meeting to order when White Dog signaled for a timeout. "Sweet Girl, this is not a baseball game," I told her but paused before beginning...

...so that the White dog Army could collectively rush to the windows to a bark an "everybody off the street and get back into your houses we are having an important meeting" song.

That completed, everyone settled back down and assumed an attentive attitude. "Now we are ready," White Dog told me, "Please call the meeting to order."

Across the phone lines, we heard laughter.


Random Felines said...

gotta make sure everyone is safe and inside before you get all tied up with important meeting stuff MOL

The Daily Pip said...

Now this is the kind of a meeting I would like to attend! Not silly ones in offices.

Jans Funny Farm said...

Now that is how to set the tone for a meeting - laughter! :)