August 15, 2016

White Dog and the White Dog Army watched until they could no longer see Pumpkin driving away. "OK," she said as the Army gathered around, "now that dad is gone we have LOTS of planning and work to do. Tomorrow is dad's birthday and we need to make him feel extra special!"

I reminded every pup that Dad would be home all day since not only was it his birthday but also his normal day off so their plans should include the entire day..

WD assigned teams to work on the theme and decorations, another to plan the music and entertainment, the food committee, and gift shoppers. I was given the job of taking notes.

As each group worked WD went around to offer advice, to hear ideas, to calm disagreements. Every so often she would look up and ask me, "are you SURE you are getting this all?" I assured her that I was a VERY good note taker.

"Dad is going to be SO surprised," Zsofia leaped from couch to chair singing.

"Oh yes," White Dog said to me as she went to see what the decorating committee was doing in the yard, "Be sure you invite all of our Blog friends and Facebook family to join in the festivities."

I gently called her back to my side. She came reluctantly straining to see out into the yard. "We have a problem with the invite idea, Houston!" I said to her. "What is that?" she asked. "It is easy just tell them to join us; list the theme and the food and some of the entertainment. Let everyone know it will be a good time!"

"But THAT is the problem," I insisted. White Dog sighed heavily like she does when she thinks one of the Army is being stubborn, "WHAT is the problem?" "You want to surprise Dad, right?" She sighed again and nodded. "Well." "Well WHAT?" she snapped at me. "Well, Dad READS the Blog and my FB posts!"

"Oh yeah!" WD said in a quieter tone. "Well think of something to let people know without giving away the details..." and with that she bolted out to the yard and decorating group.

So join us tomorrow for S-T-E-V-E's special day...and be sure to practice your best dance moves...


Random Felines said...

don't worry....you secret is safe with us :)

How Sam Sees It said...

We won't tell!

Monty, Harlow and Ramble

Jans Funny Farm said...

Love the video. A belated happy birthday to the WD's dad.