August 19, 2016

White Dog said, "Well you wouldn't have that problem if you just went naked like we do!" Steve walked in on that comment and raised an eyebrow.

I showed him the knee of my pants, the tan ones Bella likes so much. "This is the second pair of slacks that have developed these tiny holes just above the knee," I told him. "The other day I noticed the light green ones had them too. Do you think there might be a rough spot developing in the washer drum? It is weird but it just started happening and it is only to my pants not shirts or anything else that I can find."

WD and Steve peered at the spot. "Those are not teeth marks," they agreed. "They look like a triangle of punctures. How strange."

Just then Bella, my constant companion came back inside from her morning break. "What is everyone staring at?" she asked. "Momma has been attacked by moths or rogue ants," White Dog teased. "They are eating the clothes right off of her."

"Let ME see!" Bella said, eyes-wide and ready to protect me. She stood on her back legs and put her front paws on my pant leg...

...and her claws matched the spots exactly.

I swept her into my arms and felt her nails. Bella has the most cat like feet of the entire Army; her claws are curved and pointy and she cups her toes to grab tightly. "You COULD use a nail trim, my beautiful one." I told her.

Steve trimmed as I cuddled her gently in my arms. She got a teat when she was finished. Back on the floor, Bella jumped up on my leg again. "better, momma?" she asked. I tried not to wince as even the newly trimmed nails were sharp, "a little bit, Sweetheart. Thanks for being so patient." She went into the living room to say good morning to the others.

White Dog said, "You might just have to consider those Japanese gardening pants that have padded areas around the knees because I don't think trimming is going to solve the problem." "I have a pair of those," Steve reminded her, "and the extra pads go below the knee for kneeling not above."

"I can't discourage her enthusiasm," I told them. "So lets try trimming nails more often and see what happens. Meanwhile these and the other pair are play clothes so I will mend the rips and just wear them around the house."

With that Bella came rushing back into the room to stand on my leg and tell us the mail had arrived.


Jans Funny Farm said...

You're a good detective. Jan can appreciate the holes in clothes but hers tend to be in the shoulder area from when a cat hangs on tightly not wanting to be put down.

Random Felines said...

we know ALL about those sharp toenails :)