August 20, 2016

White Dog helped me calculate the amounts needed for the ingredients on the shopping list. Beginning next week, we will be preparing Benson's special kidney diet ourselves. AND Trixie will be on the same diet which means we have had to make adjustments to the recipe in terms of quantities.

Benson tried not to sound worried but clearly he is going to miss his personal chef, Tami, who previously had cooked his meals, two weeks at a time and delivered them to him frozen in individual servings. "Are you sure dad can do this?" he asked nervously. White Dog glared at him, "Dad cooks for all  of the rest of the Army, I think you can be confident that you will get delicious meals just like you are used to." "But Tami's food was perfect," Benson swooned. "Always just right." "How about this," Stormer pushed his way into the conversation to defend Steve, "if you don't like his cooking, I will eat it!" Ben got all flustered, "I did not mean to offend."

He came over and leaned against my leg. "Are you and White Dog figuring that Trixie and I weigh different amounts?" "Yep. She is about twice your weight." "And that we will both need two meals a day?" "Got it." "And you are going to being making enough food to last two weeks?"   "Of course, it is a math problem," White dog told him. "Do you want to see it?"

(25+55)...that is your weight plus Trixie's
x 14         that is the number of days
= 1120     that is the number of grams of protein we will need in total

Since 1 ounce is 28.34 grams, that is about 39.5 ounces...or about 2.5 lbs. of protein like tuna or hamburger.

And you get one cup of green beans a day and Trixie will get almost 2 cups...it is easy, 3 cups x 14 days...or 42 cups, which is 336 ounces....

Benson was giving the "too much information" look. "Are you SURE it will be as good as Tami's," he asked. WD looked up from calculating sweet potatoes. "You will be VERY satisfied with what our team produces. Now want to figure out the coconut oil needed?"

"Ummm," Benson backed toward the doorway then turned; we heard the dog door slam. "I guess not everyone loves a good math challenge," WD chuckled as we continued our number crunching.

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Random Felines said...

mom says she would have joined those headed outside....math isn't her thing :)