August 8, 2016

White Dog peered over my shoulder at her brother, YoYoMa, splayed on his back on the bed. He was not happy being fussed at by Steve and I; he certainly did NOT want any of us to be so intently interested in his inner thigh.

The lump that appeared the end of last week was finally going down after twice daily washing, antibiotic cream, and early on, benedryl. We thought it was a reaction to a spider bite or bee sting.

The swelling was down but still tender enough to make Yo squeal when Steve massaged the area and tried to define the wound better. I had one arm around my boy's belly holding him in place; the other braced his head gently and held his collar. Despite the discomfort it never crossed his mind to snap or  attempt to bite; he pressed his face into my palm and cried and welcomed my soft strokes on his ears... but he never reacted to his pain with anger. "You are my awesome boy!" I told him.

White Dog and Steve across the bed were gingerly trimming away hair from the area. This was the best view we have had of the problem.

Yo had been been bitten all right, but by a four-legged nippy sibling who thinks flank nipping is a game (we won't name the likely candidate, Sachi). It was a tooth mark, really, not a full bite, but it had become infected.

Fortunately what we have been doing is the right course of action and the area is healing. If we could get my Big Boy to stop licking and nosing the wound, it would clear up even faster. I discussed that with him; then White Dog gave him a lecture and threatened him with the dreaded cone.

A kiss on the nose and several "thank you for your patience" treats...plus a round for all of the White Dog Army for their observation and support...and Yo was heading out of the dog door.

Steve snatched Sachi up as he moved to follow. "I mean it Little Man, nipping is NOT funny. YoYoMa hurts because of it. Plus it just is mean spirited. Play nice or else!"


The Daily Pip said...

Glad the wound is healing. Sending lots of wishes and good thoughts for no more sibling nips.

Random Felines said...

glad he is healing up....and hope Sachi gets the "no nipping" message

NanĂ¼k said...

Sachi, bro, what's up?? Mellow out dude and no nipping wooos family, or anyone else for that matter! Now I hope woo apologize to Yo, much love to you and yours,


Brian said...

We sure hope the mending finishes up quickly, ouch!