August 7, 2016

White Dog and Steve were clearing off the sun porch...a much needed task...and came across a tuff toy stuffed duck that quacked. "Any idea where THIS came from?" Steve asked as he squeezed it and it summoned the White Dogs. "Hmmm, cute but nope, not sure how that came to be living among the clutter out there. Maybe it is our Golden Goose?" He made it quack again. "Nope, definitely a duck."

The Army's toy players, Zsofia, Opal, Pearly, Bella and YoYoMa had circled Steve in curiosity. He placed it on the floor in the middle of the group. It looked like a mass hockey faceoff. "I know you all want to give it a try and sniff and chew. And I know you will all get a chance as you pass it around. I don't want to play favorites so..." Before he could finish his thought, Sachi jumped off of the couch, dashed under Zso's belly and grabbed the toy. It was nearly as big as he is. He dragged it off by its wing past his startled siblings and then stood straddling it while he performed the first rites of initiation.

"Don't you dare pee on that!" Steve warned him. But the Little Man only got a few slobbery chews in before Zso gently put her foot on his shoulder and grabbed the duck's foot.

She ran for the dog door trailing Sachi, Opal and Pearl.

Pearly brought the duck back inside and jumped on the chair to cradle the toy in her paws. Fate intervened with the arrival of the FedEx truck across the street. Pearl, our Watcher was on the back of the chair in no time protecting the house.

While Pearl was occupied, Opal casually strolled through the WDA song to the delivery guy and slowly grabbed the duck. She went to lie by the door to enjoy her victory. Steve went to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. Opal was compelled. She abandoned the stuffie to go see what he was doing...

...Bella crept out from under her chair and attempted to pull duck under into her lair. Duck was too fat to fit so she improvised by dragging the head under; I could hear her vigorously munching away.

YoYoMa discovered the duck body lying against the side of the chair and sank to the ground for a delicate nibble. He worked his way down one leg and back up again. Both dogs enjoyed the sharing but grew tired of the game.

Duck was deserted. But not for long. Zsofia pulled up short as she headed out to the sun porch..."What is this? It is duck! OMD!" Not content to keep her find a secret our Darkest White Dog carried duck out and sprawled in the middle of the living room where all could see her enjoyment of the trophy.

Sachi hopped off the couch and Zso put a protective paw on the toy. He hurried past and returned with turtle. Then he laid down beside her; to hear him one would think we were watching lewd tapes. "Hmmm, mmmm, ahhhh, smack, smack, heavy panting."

Zso stopped chewing the duck. She looked over at Sachi. He ignored her as he continued his terrapin tryst. Zso stretch and sniffed turtle; Sachi growled. She put her foot on his back and he answered her challenge.

They were off and wrestling, both toys were forgotten. Stormer settled down next to duck for a nap.