September 24, 2016

White Dog was tired after a full day of representing the White Dog Army at the local Bark for Life cancer walk event. She met and greeted and sniffed other noses; smiled and wagged as her smooth furs were ruffled by the pats of attendees; and ran in enthusiastic play with some of the children there.

There is never any question in the White Dog Army that if Paws To People or our family attends a cancer-related event, that White Dog WILL be the spokes dog.

WD has a lot invested in the fight against the c monster beginning with a promise made when she first arrived to her Angel Sister, Sheena, whose death from liver cancer was the beginning of White Dog's life with us. Sheena could not bear our sadness and sent us a little floofy ball of white, White Dog, in turn, promised our beloved little Sheltie girl that she would become a Warrior working to slay the beast.

She watched The Mighty Quinn battle a brain tumor...Taiko lose to pancreatic cancer...Ferguson be gripped with cancer of the mouth...and indomitable Puff push back mammary cancer until she no longer had the strength. Human friends have battled and made temporary gains, only to lose ground. Two-legged and four-legged Warriors have proven stronger than the c monster (but we always whisper the fearful "for now"). So many we love have had to stare down this awful disease. All have shown incredible courage and dignity in the face of attack by a sneaky underhanded disease.

For White Dog, it is VERY personal.   And she has an Army of support and understanding to keep her promise to never forget...and never stop fighting to conquer this monster that takes too many too soon.

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