September 25, 2016

White Dog looked back over her shoulder as I came in and shut the door behind me. She, Zsofia, Steve and I were just returning from the Park and running a few errands and it was late afternoon.

I walked across the room and sat down. Before greeting me, the White Dog Army hurried over to sniff the closed door with puzzlement. THEN they came to me for an explanation rather than the usual, "I am glad to be home. I missed you."

"My loves," I began feeling defensive. "It is that time of the year when the day takes longer to warm up and cools off earlier. And while the afternoon looks beautiful with long shadows and a golden patina over all, the sun is not offering much warmth now."

Trixie scratched at the door. "We are lucky that the temperatures have been cooperative and have allowed us to keep doors and windows open for most of the afternoon. But I am afraid as time goes on now that we will need to close up the house to stay warm and to be energy efficient."

Stormer came and laid on my feet. "Thank you, Baby Boy, but keeping me comfy requires more than your very warm body on my cold feet."

It is still a ways off on the calendar so I did not tell them that too soon in my mind, the time will change, and we will lose the long lingering light of now. By 5pm it will be night and it will still be dark when Steve rises to go get ready for work. The house will be buttoned down for Winter by then. The furnace will be on. We will long for natural breezes blowing through the house, but will have set up the wind baffle to prevent gusts from sneaking in through the dog door.

"Sweet loves," I tried to liven up their sadness. "You will soon appreciate the brisk trip outside and return inside to cozy warmth. Believe me. Think mulled  cider and oatmeal cookies. THAT is the season that is upon us." The mention of cookies lifted ears and spirits...even though they were spice drop cookies.

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Random Felines said...

mom is just glad she can finally turn off the cold air blower....not even thinking about turning on the warm air yet :)