September 12, 2016

White Dog licked a stubborn lock of Steve's hair and patted it into place. Sachi tugged to straighten his collar. Stormer licked the top of his shoes to give them a special shine. Zsofia stood on her hind legs to give him a hug and then the entire Army, lead by Pearl, walked him to the door for luck.

The entire White Dog Army was excited. Steve was on his way to a local TV Station to be interviewed with a student and a co-worker about the graduation ceremony he was facilitating for disenfranchised students from the now shuttered college where he had worked. It was to be a human interest piece and the reporter had promised to keep the story focused on the students and the ceremony they so richly deserved.

Steve returned home a bit over an hour later and told us "his" segment would be on the first half of the ten o'clock news.

The White Dog Army impatiently watched the clock and demanded early walks just to be sure they would be absolutely ready to view this celebrity moment.

We turned on the telly a bit before ten. We are not regular watches of commercial television and the WDA was fascinated by the commercials and pacing. Ears perked up when the reporter introduced the story and referred to Steve by name.

When Steve began to talk, the entire Army responded with barks and wags as they looked back and forth...wondering how dad could be sitting next to them AND talking inside the thin little machine.

And three minutes later, the segment was complete. Each member had to sniff Steve to make sure he was here and nothing had been damaged in the electronic capture of his image.

Of course, then we had celebratory treats.

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Random Felines said...

We are so proud of Steve and the WDA and the head of the nursing school for helping their students with this last step.