September 11, 2016

White Dog smiled when I told her the story. "Isn't it wonderful, momma, how THIS configuration of the White Dog Army even sleeps like a pack? We have always been a bonded family but have avoided physical closeness but now everyone cuddles and sleeps together." "I know you like your own space, Sweet Love, and that is ok to want that, too. Trixie still likes to sleep by herself and Sachi cuddles for a while and then goes off to sleep in the bathroom. But yes, we HAVE become a family of huggers and touchers."

White Dog was reacting to the story of Opal sleeping in Zsofia's little room, her now doorless crate. It is a huge kennel meant for two large dogs. Zso even if fully stretched out does not fill the space. Opal likes its location right next to the dog door where she can see out and has an escape route should one be needed and has for some time rested against the outside wall of the kennel, pretty much fur-to-fur though separated by the wires of the structure.

This night, whether through Opal's bravery or Zsofia's invitation, Opal went INSIDE and snuggled against one end and Zso stretched at the other. a pajama party of sorts, except the girls promptly went to sleep.

In the morning they had migrated into sleeping back-to-back, comfortably pressed against each other. At the sound of Steve rising both girls climbed through the portal and did long doga stretches. They went outside and returned...Zso to join Steve in the office; Opal to return to bed for a bit more rest.

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