September 14, 2016

White Dog knows that almost every member of the White Dog Army likes to hang out in the office when she and I are working on a project together. When she is at the computer or at my side, the Little White Dog of My Heart graciously allows the others to lie on her special bed and watch from a position of ultimate comfort.

Such was the case this afternoon as WD and I worked on some new signage for this weekend's Walk to End ALZ. She and I fussed and chose images, and words, then fonts and colors. When we work we tend to get very focused. That is why neither of us was alerted to a disaster in the making.

We turned to take a breath and stretch and saw this...
The little sofa in the Queen's sitting room have been violated! We both knew that Nilla, now sleeping soundly on the larger bed mattress, was not the culprit.

"Pearly Girl! Bella!" I called. And called again. White Dog went out to the living room and herded both girls to my side.

"Either of you know anything about what happened in White Dog's bedroom," I asked. They looked at each other. WD gave a soft growl. "I expect honest answers," I told them as I looked each in the eyes.

There was shuffling and shifting gazes. "Well?"

Bella did a lovely sit up and kiss momma's hand. Pearl nuzzled WD's side. "Well?"

"We were just trying to get comfortable," Pearl began. "Yes, the pillows are all shaped for WD's body not ours," Bella added. "Next thing we knew the pillow just sort of popped open and the stuffing came crawling out." "We tried to push it back but it wouldn't go."

I looked at White Dog. "I will let you decide the punishment," I told her. "You two go sit in the living room until I call you and we will discuss how the situation is going to be fixed."

After they left, WD climbed into my lap and said, "I don't think they meant me any harm." "No, but they DID destroy your bed, Baby Girl."

She asked me to do a search to see if we could another couch like the one damaged. We found one on clearance for $15.00 on AmazonSmile.com She then went over and closely examined the damage.

"I do not think you can mend this, momma. The tear is along a stress point and the fabric has been scraped very thin by digging. I could just live without it." WD summarized.

"Your sisters could work off the cost of a new bed," I told her, "or it could come out of their treat allowance. That way you will still have a comfy place to relax."

WD tilted her head and gave the matter some thought. She nodded and indicated that I should call Pearl and Bella back into the office.

Both slunk in and laid at our feet. It was clear they feared the worst. White Dog touched each on the head. "Sisters," she began, "you ripped my bed but I do not think you were being mean. You did not think things through, but you did not want to hurt me. I do need a new sofa and momma has found one that is VERY inexpensive." Bella and Peal closed their eyes imagining that they were to be stripped of their treat allowances for months.  

"If we all share the cost," she looked at me to see if I was in agreement, "we will only lose treats for a week." "Why would you do that?" Pearl asked, "I mean pay for part of the replacement?"

"Because I think you will remember to be thoughtful better if I am kind." WD answered simply.

We ordered the sofa. I wrapped my arms around the Leader of our Army. "I am so proud of you. Your decision was wise and compassionate. You touch my heart. Do not tell your sisters until the replacement gets here, but the lesson has been delivered and the debt repaid."

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Random Felines said...

an Army is only as good as its leadership.....great job