September 15, 2016

White Dog asked, "Is it a Throwback Thursday moment if Dad and I find something from a long time ago that we got for you and forgot to give you and then forgot about but now we have found?"

"Wow! Baby Girl," I said looking a little puzzled. "That is a long and challenging question. I do not think there are any official rules...and it is something that at least started in the past...and you are giving it to me on Thursday. I think it qualifies."

"Oh good." she wagged. "Then here,we got this at the Railyards Market a long time ago and we wanted to surprise you so we hid it waiting for just the the right moment. Then we got busy and then we forgot. And when we thought of it again, we could not remember where we had hidden it. Do you like it?"

I untied the ribbon (a bit dusty) and opened the bag; drew out the tissue paper and slowly unwrapped the treasure inside.

"Like it? Little White Dog of My Heart, I LOVE it! And it comes on a day when a special gift is MUCH appreciated." I kissed her head...and then I kissed Steve. And then because the rest of the White Dog Army did not want to be excluded...I kissed every single head.


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Oh, that is just the purrfect WD Army statue!