September 28, 2016

White Dog and YoYoMa headed off for a much needed morning at Scot's Spa. Neither were happy to be skipping breakfast but did not complain too loudly because they knew Scot would fill them with treats AND that breakfast would await them upon their return.

Steve looked at Benson who was working at chewing a hole in his furs. "Maybe it is bath day here, too," he suggested. We dragged out the stack of towels. Benson never likes being picked up to go into the tub but once there, he luxuriates...and being dried off on the bed would be an all morning event if he scheduled it.

But Stormer was next in line. He, too had been pulling at himself. Our CA can sometimes be a curmudgeon, but he loves the attention of being gently shampooed, and the warm water rinse, and the toweling. He even is great at lying calmly against my side while Steve trims his nails.

Then came the challenge...Trixie Marie...our small horse of a dog. When she doesn't want to cooperate, it is a struggle. Steve got her into the tub...but then she stepped halfway out. Getting her completely back in was a bit of work but finally we heard Steve talking her through the process. And finally our Big Girl came trotting in to be dried...and even tolerate the cleaning of one ear.

Nilla was begging for her chance, but we were out of towels...and hot water. "Saturday, Sweet Girl," Steve promised her, "first thing even before breakfast." She smiled her magnificent smile and accepted the promise.

So here we are, half of the White Dog Army, sparkling bright and clean and Washed Up Wednesday:
White Dog
CA Stormer


Barbara said...

You two are miracle workers! If you only knew what I had to do just to get her nails cut - and she didn't allow me to touch them until last year. When she was a baby, she'd climb in the tub with me, but as an adult, I couldn't get her in at all. I'm assuming that Steve, being a man, has more brute strength than I. She is getting absolute and loving care from you two experts; better than I could give her. I love you for that.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Now all sparkly clean!

Random Felines said...

mom says she will stick to kittens in the shower :)