September 29, 2016

White Dog doesn't think it is such a big deal but to half of the White Dog Army this day gets extra wags, woofs...and a longer gulp of the creamy rich mocha they share with their momma every morning.

Today is National Coffee Day!

YoYoMa, founder and President of the White Dog Coffee Club, called today's meeting to order right after breakfast. Steve served the "Eskie Mom" coffee mug to me and the group crowded closer, snooters up, breathing in the heavenly aroma.

As usual, it was Yo, Zsofia, Sachi, Benson, Nilla, Stormer, Pearl and Opal. The others are simply not fans. The cup was a luscious pale tan, rich, nearly half-filled with heavy cream. As anxious as we all are for that first morning sip, we know that we must be civil and not push. That polite drinking from the cup is encouraged. And that there are two sips per White Dog (which leaves a tiny sip of solidarity for momma before she gets the full cup she savors all morning).

As a treat to celebrate this special holiday, ALL of the WDA shared half a bagel dunked as well. As we say here, "the best part of waking up is cream and coffee in the cup!"
Historical photo of the early coffee club; Zso was "hooked" at an early age.

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Brian said...

How cool you got some java! Here my Dad gets all of it and he doesn't share!