September 8, 2016

White Dog just sighed. "You would never believe that the two of them spent almost an hour all curled up together sleeping in the office while dad worked. It was funny all cozy and then they woke with a start and looked at each other. Like one of those old pajama movies where the couple wakes up next to each other in bed and both jump out all embarrassed and start yelling."

Steve walked in and confirmed White Dog's reporting. "From loving brothers to hissing cats in the time it took to open their eyes."

I heard them sniping at each other in the hall. "KNOCK IT OFF! We don't talk to each other like that. Be nice or just avoid each other." Both Benson and Stormer rushed in hoping to get to me first to tell HIS side...and in the process bumped hips which led to another exchange of woofed threats. "WHAT did I just say?" I asked.

Storm began licking the top of my foot hoping to win favor and Ben took the other leg to press against and look adoringly into my eyes.Then each noticed how close the other was to me and growls erupted. "If you insist on keeping this up, I am going to put each of you on a leash and you will both spend the day side-by-side at my hip." They looked at each other and at me. "AND you will have to be nice the ENTIRE time."

Benson got up and went to the dog door pausing to look back before he went outside. CA got up and lumbered out to see if Steve was through making breakfast. And Nilla climbed out of her crate/bed where she had witnessed the two boys back talk. She rested her head in my hand.

"I know, Sweet Baby Girl, BOYZ!"


Random Felines said...

seriously....there is something wrong with boys & their brains MOL

~Ivy & Daiquiri

The Florida Furkids said...


The Florida Furkids