September 9, 2016

White Dog smiled happily as she watched the lighted hearted fun swirl around us. Zsofia and Sachi and Opal were wrestling. Pearl barreled past Nilla who crouched low to spring in "attack." Benson and YoYoMa pressed together trying to nap and stay out of the melee.  Bella and Trixie played their version of hide-and-seek where Bella hides under her chair and Trix hunkers down to look under the edge to "find" her. Bella barks at the sight of her face and Trixie bats under the chair. Stormer squirmed under the belly rub her was getting from Steve.

"Is there any way we can keep our lifestyle and things we enjoy without dad needing to go to work?" The Little White Dog of My Heart asked. "It is perfect that he is here with us where he belongs." "Enjoy what is right now," I told her. "It is unlikely we will the lottery or be named heirs of some anonymous gazillionaire so dad must continue to look for and find another job." "Can I keep hoping that green papers will just sprout in the yard?" WD asked. I laughed, "If that is the case, you best hope dad is alerted to gather them up before Opal and Bella get to chewing up the paper."

It was a lovely dappled golden sunlight afternoon and the White Dog Army was thrilled when Steve asked, "Who wants to go for a walk?" Shocked faces conveyed, "Now? Right smack dab in the middle of the day?"

The line formed instantly.


Random Felines said...

If you find one of those trees, let us know

meowmeowmans said...

You inspire us, dear friends, finding the silver lining once again. Big hugs!

KB Bear said...

You are incredible. Yes, you do always find the silver lining. Thinking of you.