October 28, 2016

White Dog said, "If you think this is a surprise check out the bedroom or Zsofia's work on the deck." I had turned in one of those "quiet, too quiet moments" to discover Opal lying in the crate very surreptitiously  shredding a catalog. It must have come in the mail and was lying on the floor under the mail slot. "What?" I asked her.

Then I went down the hall to discover Bella completing HER very own catalog rip. There were long strips and chunks of paper every where.

WD pranced over to the deck window. Looking out I could see a similar pile of paper; Zso calmly got up from it and came inside.

I looked at Opal, Zso and Bella. "What is going on here? You have made quite a mess. Plus that is the mail; you know not to take that!"

"We are making a papier mache statue obelisk for dad to put on his desk at work." Opal explained. "We were tearing up the paper and then Trixie and Sachi and Stormer, the slobberers, would make it wet." continued Bella. "Then we would push it into a shape like a raised paw." Zso added.

I noticed the wastebasket full of this morning's fur clumps from brushing had been dumped. "And this?"  Nilla said, "we were going to cover the sculpture with fur. It is supposed to be relaxing to stroke when you are stressed. We thought it might be good in an office."

"Well, the thought was a nice one, but your technique needs a bit of refinement to hold together.I suggest you all do a little more research and maybe try something less messy...like maybe art out of sticks. " I counseled. "This is going to be quite a surprise just like it is when dad get home."

"Don't tell him ahead and spoil the surprise," they all begged. "Oh no! Don't worry, you will get his reaction firsthand." I promised.

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meowmeowmans said...

Well, that certainly was nice of the WDA to think of Dad Steve like that. We bet he was REALLY surprised! :)