October 29, 2016

White Dog smiled her "told you so" grin as Steve put the last of the bags into the car. I had just spent a little over three hours preparing and blowing up 130 balloons for Sunday's Howl and Growl Halloween Event we were attending.

Before we began I had visions of the White Dog Army not liking the sound of the electric blower-upper machine (they don't like the vacuum cleaner was my reasoning) and being surrounded by a pack of howlingly angry White Ones as a result.

Then I saw the slow motion future movie of the WDA leaping and jumping through the inflated balloons covering the entire floor.

I foresaw Steve chasing pups trailing chains of balloons into the yard trying to save my long multipurpose, multiballoon strings from destruction.

I thought about hiding in the Studio to complete this task when I considered some pup ingesting an uninflated wanna-bee...or snagging a piece of a burst effort.

But for a little over three hours the White Dog Army was at perfect "observe, not act" command. Everyone was comfortable, awake, and just watched me at my crazy human task of capturing air in little latex orbs and then sealing them shut.  Every pup ignored the string and the noise and the clutter.

And finally, Steve helped me gather the bobbing balloons into giant bags so we could transport them. Not a single bark even resulted from the explosion inside the one bag as a claustrophobic balloon choose death over being smothered in plastic all night.

"I must hand it to you White Dog, EVERY ONE of you was so cool and calm. Very impressive." My words prompted a return to activity in the WDA as I was surrounded by smiling pups with tilting heads saying, "WE think that is worth jerky treats, momma. Pay up!"


Random Felines said...

sounds like a certain army was conspiring for handouts :)

24 Paws of Love said...

Very impressive! I can not imagine my five lasting through such a balloon festival without popping them all!

A round of duck jerky on me!!

meowmeowmans said...

Awesome job, WDA! You all impress us so much! :)