October 30, 2016

White Dog and I discussed today's Howl and Growl Charity Event earlier in the week. The White Dog Army was VERY cooperative in helping us get ready and pack the car.

All were gracious in their gentle acceptance and made "relieved" excuses in front of their brother so as not to hurt his feelings. Zsofia kissed her black wings privately and tried to stifle a small woo.

No representatives of the White Dog Army, not even White Dog, would be joining us at this day of fun, games, costumed pets and people, and friends.

With YoYoMa's continued compromised health, our vet suggested that until Yo's red blood count is up nearer to where it needed to be that the entire White Dog Army be judicious in its contact with other pets. "YoYo's system is struggling and we don't want any of the Army bringing home a bug they caught from other dogs," Dr. Julia advised. "It is much less likely that something zoonotic will transfer but we DO have to think about what everyone in the family gets exposed to."

So White Dog and I talked. She understood and asked for me to let her talk to the other White Dogs. WD was discreet and made sure no one said anything to Yo, who would have felt as though he was spoiling the party.

The others knew why early this morning after breakfast, as we were making ready to drive off, each pup got an extra hug and "thank you." Everyone, including the constantly starving YoYoMa (who is on steroidal medications), received TWO pieces of jerky to tide them over until we hurried home.

Everyone herded us to the door with "good luck" and "have fun". They are great actors, my White Dog Army. But I knew some of them were REALLY disappointed.

White Dog's face in the window with Zso's looming over her reminded me all that my amazing pack does to protect and keep safe each of the others.

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Random Felines said...

we know they would have been a huge hit, but so glad they were willing to stay home to protect Yo