November 1, 2016

White Dog avoids the kitchen craziness that goes along with Steve's preparations for White Dog Army meals.

Things usually start calmly with the Army surrounding and supervising Steve as he gathers things from the refrigerator and lays out bowls. Sometimes anticipation is held in check as he begins to parcel out the various components that go into each meal.

But inevitably we hit a point where enthusiasm overtakes manners and bedlam erupts. Usually it is Nilla who starts the panic barking. "Oh my dog, I am starving! I must eat NOW!" Soon joined by Trixie's deep "WOOF!" and then Stormer's cries of failing strength.

The goal is that the entire White Dog Army patiently and quietly waits for their bowl to be set down in front of them. YoYoMa and Zsofia are, for the most part, impeccable with their response. White Dog, of course, royally waits on the couch to be served. The rest are, depending upon the day...and the meal...on a wildly sliding scale of perfect execution.

Steve has for the past couple of days been trying something new to soothe and quiet Nilla. As she breaks into her pre-meal hysteria, he stops and kneels down to brush her. When she is relaxed from his touch, he returns to meal prep.

He feels he is achieving some level of success with this tactic even though the effect is only for a few minutes. But it is an unusual experiment which WD and I are watching with interest.

Oddly, Steve's brushing Nilla seems to cause Trixie to take a deep breath as well. White Dog has a theory about that" "She doesn't like being brushed so she figures she best quiet down."

I think she is smart enough to figure out if everyone stops barking, dinner is closer at hand. "But none of them quite get that if no one barked at all, dinner would be 15 minutes sooner," White Dog concluded.


STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Howdy White Dog Army. I used to dance around like a rabbit when Rory and I were getting fed but now I do get excited but don't dance around anymore. It makes mum sort of happy and sad at the same time. I love to brushed. Maybe mum could incorporate that into my meal time!!
No worries, and love, Stella x

24 Paws of Love said...

This is hilarious! I love Steve's ingenuity! So interesting having a full pack at mealtime, isn't? You'll have to let us know if the brushing continues to help or even solve Nilla nervousness. So interesting. Definitely a move out of the ordinary, huh?

Personally I've given up, our dogs get excited and crazy the whole time I fix their bowls, but they always stop and sit quietly on hand out. I've had a few eerie moments when Zappa isn't here (the Mouth) and I was fixing dinner and I didn't like it. So I let them sing and dance away. :)

Random Felines said...

sounds like the foster kittens - only bigger and louder :)

meowmeowmans said...

We love that the WDA's reactions cover the whole spectrum. Steve is so creative in his experimentation ... we hope that brushing keeps on helping with Nilla! :)