November 2, 2016

White Dog loved her bright blue three-wheeled electric car as much as Steve did. Earlier today I was reminded of the Zap! Xebra, an electric car built on a motorcycle platform that Steve and WD bought in 2009 and enjoyed until the cars were all recalled and the company closed down in the United States.

It had a range of about 40 miles and was completely electric. Steve would drive it to the office and plug it into an extension cord while he worked. WD and her driver used the vehicle to do errands in the neighborhood and to go to the park.

The brilliant cerulean car and fluffy White Dog riding co-pilot received stares and comments where ever they went. Casper's mom made a special license plate frame just for WD's vehicle.

Sadly, one day Steve received a letter saying that due to too many safety issues all of the cars were being purchased back by the company. Arrangements were made, the car bought, and one early evening it was hauled off on a trailer. Steve and WD stood on the driveway long after their blue socially conscious Xebra disappeared. That was in 2013.

White Dog sighed wistfully looking at these photos. "It is kind of like Wordless Wednesday and Throwback Thursday rolled into one," she sniffed. "The best of memories."

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NanĂ¼k said...

Cool little cars always look cooler with a cool little pup sitting in them! Play bows,