November 10, 2016

White Dog and Milo had a live and let live arrangement. Milo was our 4.5 foot long three-legged iguana who moved with us from Chicago and lived on a platform in our office here in Albuquerque. We got her when her entire body fit in the cup of my hand...she had broken her leg in transit and was a rescue to prevent her from being fed to the snakes at the pet store. With the help of one of the best exotics vets in the city, he removed the gangrenous limb and she grew into a stubborn, opinionated, but healthy, adult who had free range of the house.

Our Mighty Quinn, however, was a fascination to her and his gentle ways with her were typical. He lived in the office closet that is now part of WD's suite and it was just below Milo's sleeping platform. She would often climb down the trellising to visit...or just leap the five feet to the floor beside him.

And they are the subject of today's Throwback Thursday photo, Quinn and Milo in 2010; Milo on her way to curl against Quinn's warmth to both nap.

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