November 11, 2016

White Dog and the rest of the Army crowded around to hear the phone conversation. Poor YoYoMa was left in the hallway, squeezed out of the call that was about him. He sat patiently and waited.

The WDA leaped up to wag and turned to look at Yo. I ended the conversation and called him forward. Everyone sniffed or touched noses as he passed.

"It was the report on your blood work," I told him. "Dr. Julia called dad instead of me. It is wonderful news and I think you will be especially happy."

YoYoMa's red blood cell count was 33, continuing the upward movement that was 30.8 on Monday. His white count is down to 19.8. These numbers thrilled our vet and spell success at our treatment protocol. We will continue the course with the medications we are using but are seriously looking at a time very soon when we can start weaning them away.

As a reward for his body's great fight, Dr. Julia is reducing blood draws from twice a week to only Mondays. If the trends continue as they have we will slowly lengthen that period as well.

She is taking a cautious path and it is working well. YoYoMa, although he never LOOKED sick, each day radiates more vim and health.

We all headed out to celebrate with a round of duck jerky (and two for YoYoMa)!


Brian said...

Hooray for a nice bit of good news!!!

Random Felines said...

Great news!!

24 Paws of Love said...

So happy to hear! Keep up the good work momma!

meowmeowmans said...

Woohoo! We're delighted by this wonderful news. What a happy bit of news for Yo, and all of you!