November 7, 2016

White Dog and the rest of the White Dog Army simply do not understand the human fascination with time...and our attempts to manipulate it.

This morning WD asked me, "Why did Dad change the clocks all around yesterday?" I tried to explain the concept of Daylight Savings Time and its supposed economic and safety benefits. She shook her head sadly. "So it is really just kind of a mind game the whole country plays, pretending that this is an hour earlier than it was yesterday?" "But the daylight is stronger; the day is not just struggling to begin." "But what about later when you pay the price because darkness comes earlier than before? You have to turn on the lights and it seems daunting. Who looks for sunset at four in the afternoon?" I tried her trick of staring blankly but she pressed. "Sweetheart, I agree. It doesn't make sense to me, either, and it takes me weeks to get used to the change in light."

Later in the afternoon, as darkness fell, the White Dog Army begin to mill around and watch for Steve's return home. "Not for a almost two hours," I told them. "He's working late?" they began to panic. "No, he will be home at his regular time."

"Impossible!" was the cry. "Look how dark it is already! He won't be home until midnight and we shall starve!"

Word quickly traveled through all of the pack that Steve would not be home until past bedtime and that they would not get dinner, walks, or treats until then.

Thankfully just then Steve called to let me know he was in transit. I hung up the phone. "He is on the way," I reported and the WDA surged to the windows and door to anxiously await the lights on the drive.

He did not understand the extra force of joy that greeted him and he looked at me. "Long story. Just enjoy the grateful love and consider an early dinner."

Update on YoYoMa's health: YoYoMa's red blood cell count is up since the last CBC Friday...this morning he is at 30.8 (up from 25) and his white cell count is continuing down although still higher than normal. All good news as we continue the course. Yo thanks you all for your concern and love.

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