November 8, 2016

White Dog's leap from the chair carried her halfway across the living room but it turned out her intervention was not needed.

YoYoMa, on a cocktail of steroids and other meds for his anemia, is voraciously hungry these days. He was totally focused on licking every molecule of food from his bowl well past it being empty.

Zsofia entering her adult prime at three years old feels her power surging sometimes and is very aware it is she who will one day be Queen.

She decided that SHE wanted some of the deliciousness obviously only YoYoMa had in his dinner. Zso pushed her head past Yo's and responded to his growl with a nip.

That is when White Dog took action. But before she hit the doorway, Yo had fluidly gone from lying on his belly to standing fully. It was like a martial arts movie in action. Our blind boy rose, spun, took Zso by surprise with a head butt, and then stood teeth bared.

I knew YoYoMa would not hurt her. But Zso didn't.

The look on her face was priceless. It said, "THAT isn't how it was supposed to go." White Dog and I watched her consider her options.

Then she noticed White Dog watching her and gave a limp tail wag. Yo was still in her face. WD offered no assistance.

Suddenly she wasn't the fierce challenger. She was my Itty Bitty Baby Girl and she was in over her head. "Stand down, YoYoMa" I asked him and he relaxed.

Zsofia fled to my side. "Oh no, Little One, you must apologize to your brother. What you did was rude and wrong." I called Yo over to join us. "Tell him you are sorry," I instructed. YoYoMa sat patiently. White Dog sat next to him. Zso looked pleadingly. Charm was winning her no points.

Finally she reached over and nuzzled the side of YoYoMa's head then laid down at his feet. He bent down and touched her head with his nose then walked away.

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24 Paws of Love said...

Oh how I love the interactions of a pack. So dynamic and yet so gentle. Love the play by play!