November 14, 2016

White Dog rolled her lip. "That is SO gross!" she told her sister.

Bella had just emerged from under the chair which is her treasure cave...and she was munching on something. "What have you got?" I asked at the same time Zsofia came over to sniff B's mouth.

Bella swallowed and looked up. "What was it?" I asked in my "share your secret" voice. She scuttled back under the chair. I could feel her under me moving around before she came back out and proudly shared with me a very dehydrated broccoli floret. It trailed dust and dog hair. Zso dived on it and swallowed it in two bites.

Now My Tiny Dancer had the attention of most of the White Dog Army as they came over indicating that they, too, would surely enjoy a snack from Bella's survival food bank. A piece of carrot came out, two very dry cucumbers, a good sized chunk of bell pepper (which she decided not to share and took back under).

"Good Dog, Baby Girl! Is this what you do when we share vegetables during dinner prep?" I asked her. She went back under for the pepper and sat in front of me thoughtfully chewing. "You can't keep FOOD under the chair, Sweet One. It is not sanitary." She continued chewing. "You might attract bugs into your special place. When dad gets home, I am going to have to ask him to turn the chair over and take an inventory. He may have to clean up."

At the last, Bella Bee looked alarmed and went under the chair. I hope her stash has been depleted and I made a mental note to watch her closely when we are sharing salad or dinner fixings to make sure the offering is eaten immediately. Zso laid with her nose under the chair hoping, I think, for more sharing.

White Dog just sighed.


meowmeowmans said...

Maybe you could go into business, Bella! It could be called "Bella's Dehydrated Doggy Snacks!" :) Zso could be in charge of quality control. HA!

24 Paws of Love said...

Awww...lol, how cute! Thanks for the chuckle. :)

Jo's World said...

Don't take it away from her. Its a special and important cache and she will be so devastated if she loses it. She is just dehydrating veggies, people do that all the time.

Thanks for listening,

Stella McKnight

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