November 15, 2016

White Dog bumped against my leg and when I looked down from the computer screen she asked,"What are you so intently working on?"

A hundred things I told her but I promised myself I would make time today to start the Christmas giving list and jot down some concepts for this year's holiday card. She looked at me funny.


"It is just that Thanksgiving is still a week away. Why are you worrying so soon?" she asked. "Little White Dog of My Heart, YOU are the one who hates when our packages do not arrive until after December 25th despite the fact they are Holiday Gifts. Well, if you want things to arrive sooner we must begin the process earlier." She agreed I might have a point, especially since so many of our gifts include homemade things.

I reminded her how many long hours she and I spend every year conceptualizing, creating, and photographing the elements to create the annual White Dog Army card masterpiece. "And dad has much less time to help this year with his new job," I added. "Some of the White Dog Army IS difficult to pose and capture good photos of. Poor kids just aren't natural models like I am." "Modeling experience or not, it does take work to make a concept reality," I told her. "And time."

"Did you know there are only 38 sleeps until Christmas is here?" She looked at me and then at my desk calendar. "And it will take a week for printing and another week for packages and envelopes to arrive at their destinations." She did the math. "So we REALLY only have 24 days to get this project wrapped up!" "You are such a romantic!"

"Seriously, momma! You know that getting ready for the holidays isn't the only thing that demands attention. There is my birthday and life things and making tamales and of course the regular stuff. Oh my dog, how are we EVER going to get it all done?"

"Let's not panic, it will all fall together. But that is why I am starting to organize things now." White Dog pushed at my leg. "Stop yakking, and focus!"

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