November 21, 2016

White Dog snickered. "Where was your famous momma spidey sense?" she asked. "The White Dog Army in stealth mode is pretty hard to catch." "Yep," I agreed, "like greased piggies in a mud pit." She turned her nose up at my description.

Steve came home to discover the little refrigerator door standing wide open. Evidence of a impromptu picnic littered the little alcove where it lives...and carried out to quiet corners of the yard.

In examining the scene he concluded that when he hastily shut the door this morning that perhaps it had not closed completely. So one of the White or Nearly White Dogs had discovered this and decided to see what a little nose push would accomplish. Like magic, the food safe was foiled and yielded the deli bags, the apples, the carrots. the remaining pumpkin bread loaf...and the butter.

We know of these items because the carrot bag and half eaten carrots were found on the deck. A bitten up apple just outside the dog door was joined by the plastic wrap that had covered the bread.  The butter wrapper and a slippery smear showed the path the stick was dragged from the fridge door to the counter.

The deli bags that held the turkey and salami luncheon meats, barely made it out of the door of the refrigerator. The plastic bags were shredded and half eaten. The meats...long gone.

Of course, when asked, not a single member of the White Dog Army knew anything about the incident. Steve turned to me. I shrugged. "Really dear, I did not go in the kitchen today. Got so wrapped up in what I was doing I didn't even break for lunch."

I felt in hindsight like somehow I should have checked on all of the good girls and boys that were so well behaved today.

White Dog put her paw on my leg. She licked my hand. "Did I mention that the White Dog Army can be opportunists?"

I kissed her head knowing SHE was not party to the moment seized...or, so I hoped.


The Daily Pip said...

Sounds like they decided to have a pre-Thanksgiving feast!

Random Felines said...

Proving once again there is such a thing as TOO quiet