November 26, 2016

White Dog continued "healing" by riding along to tote and carry firewood for a friend. When Tina announced that her dad had chopped down the old dead tree in his front yard and was cutting it to give away for those who needed firewood, we immediately thought of a friend just moved to our area and struggling to get established. Free firewood would go a long way in reducing her heating costs and she was enthusiastic when we asked if she was interested.

We agreed to bring the van to help transport and we met at Tina's dad's home where the wood had been perfectly cut (thank dog) and was stacked next to the garage waiting.

White Dog hopped out of the car and pranced over to inspect the pile as Steve and our friend pulled on work gloves and opened the van doors. "OK, White Dog! Ready?" Steve prompted her. The humans loaded up their arms with lumber and began stacking it in the van.

On the second round, Steve held out a smaller branch to her. "You can carry the small ones," he told her. She looked at him, astonished, and limped a few steps. From the car, I laughed. "Oh, right,you are injured. I forgot." He said.

For awhile she supervised the back and forth of loading by both Steve and our friend...Steve piling wood in the back; our friend at the side. Then she nimbly jumped into the vehicle and sat backward in her driving seat so she could supervise in comfort.

They finished loading and the car was closed up to travel. WD carefully looked over the stacks and settled in the passenger seat to travel. We headed to my friend's to unload our treasure.

At the home end, Lulu the Dachshund came out to watch the process and White Dog explained observer safety rules about staying out of the way and not tripping up the workers. Lulu came over to greet me and then, not impressed with the activity, went back inside. "Slacker!" WD mumbled. "Hey! Be nice!" I cautioned.

In no time, the wood was stacked by the door and we were heading home...but wait! Steve pulled into the frozen custard place. "Such hard work. I need an ice cream," he announced. "How about you?" White Dog agreed. "You both have vanilla mustaches!" I pointed out as they slurped the last licks of their cones.

By the time we got home our friend had already left a message that she had a wonderful warm fire going and it was bliss.

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