November 27, 2016

White Dog was watching me make lunches for tomorrow. "It was nice having Dad home all of these days," she said. "Four days gave us enough time to enjoy the holiday, get things done, relax and still have time for afternoons walks to chase leaves."

I agreed it WAS a special time spent at a long golden speed with spaces enough to just get caught daydreaming. I knew her next question. "Why can't it be like this EVERY week?" she wanted to know.

Knowing Steve was feeling the ticking clock more acutely than we were I did not send WD to ask him. Instead, we listened as Sachi sat laughing on his chest and Zsofia brought green snakey to him to make "sing" and Stormer laid sprawled across his feet. We both sighed.

"We are very lucky dad has a good job and he is home for dinner every evening with time left after to play. Remember how scared we all were not so long ago that he would not be able to find work"

White Dog responded, "Benson told me he saw a billboard the other day that announced you could win like $130 million doing something called Powerball. That is WAY more than dad earns now. He should just do that! Then he could be home with us."

"Well, Little White Dog of My Heart, that would be perfect wouldn't it? Do you think the White Dog Army has enough luck to make it so? I will buy the ticket if you say yes."

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STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Howdy White Dog Army. Four days of family time sounds wonderful. We think the Powerball is an elusive character but many will try to catch it. We have tried too but alas no luck hehe. Have a wonderful week. No worries, and love, Stella x