December 10, 2016

White Dog was settled back in her spot on my chair and treats had been enjoyed by all. She rested her head on my shoulder and said, "Geez momma, what a day! So much excitement. But I could use a nap now!"

The day began at 5am when we went to the shelter at Rio Rancho (Albuquerque's only suburb) to pull Leroy, an Eskie heading toward a new life with ERU in Florida. We had to get him to the airport and checked in by 7am. He was a sweet boy and licked Steve's finger as we wished him safe travels and a wonderful life.

Barely time for breakfast and Trixie headed off to the vet for a followup on her itchies. We agreed that she was getting no relief from the current treatment and agreed we needed to look for a deeper, chronic cause. Monday our Big Beautiful Girl will have a procedure to take deep skin samples for biopsy to look for autoimmune disease or cancer. Our poor girl will have to be brave a bit longer as we try to keep her comfortable.

We came back home to find White Dog tapping a paw and watching the clock. She politely asked after her sister before bringing me my scarf and waiting at the door. "Hang on a minute Baby Girl! We have a few minutes to spend with the Army. We will be gone all day and they need some attention." I told her. She sighed...loudly...and jumped up next to Steve.

It was only fifteen minutes later...which equates to about 6 million WD breaths through her nose and 293 trips to test the front door by scratching...before she, Steve and I left YoYoMa in charge (with Zsofia as his enforcer) and headed north to Santa Fe.

We were heading to meet Blog friends we have known since White Dog was a new blogger. Wyatt and Stanzie gave us many laughs and tears and adventures across the years...and now Tegan is the perfect counterpoint to her Big Brother. We love reading their blog.

White Dog must have checked the navigation map every three minutes to chart our northward progress and got very excited as we neared the Railyards, where we had made plans to meet. Susan, Tegan and Wyatt's mom, played a version of Oregon Trail on us by calling as we neared to tell us she seemingly had changed our meet to a spot across town...only she had not...she was in the right place but the GPS failed to tell us there were TWO Second Street Breweries. One at the Railyards and one on Second Street.!

Finally (to quote White Dog) we were parked, mushing across the plaza and into the warm embrace of friends we have known so long but never hugged in the furs. We chatted and talked in the warm New Mexico sunlight like we have known each other forever.It was perfect...and magical.

"ALWAYS trust the bonds made by dogs," WD reminded me later. "There are no better people to be found than those attached to the end of a leash."

The wreath vendor selling freshly made Oregon Holiday Wreaths could not believe we had never met before. He snapped our photos and truly believed we were teasing him. And just to capture the moment, we could not resist taking a bit of Oregon home as a reminder of Susan's mom who MAKES wreaths like this charity offered.

Pups tucked into nap, we trekked on an adventure to find a place for the perfect lunch. And we talked and shared stories and discovered each other adding flesh and smiles to the words and photos that have so long connected us.

Too soon the afternoon had past. With one last stop as we parted company. To pick up a special treat for WD and bring home gifts for the rest of the White Dog Army.  


meowmeowmans said...

Wow, that was some day you all had! We love the parts about helping Leroy get to his forever home, and about meeting your blog friends, but were sad to hear that Trixie is still having those itchies. We're purring and praying that the skin samples will help find a solution. And that the procedure will go smoothly. Hugs to you all!

Random Felines said...

Purrs to Trixie. So wonderful to hear about Leroy. And a great day with friends.

Brian said...

That was sure a lot of fun, except for the Trixie itchies of course.