December 11, 2016

White Dog breathed in deeply. "You sure know how to torture us all momma, Boxing up all those delicious cookies right in front of our very noses. And you did not even offer us samples."

Her last statement prompted protests from the crowd. "Yeah! DAD snuck one of the biscochitos! He said it was quality control. Well, WE are supposed to be QC here!"

"You will have plenty of cookies and holiday treats in a very few days, dear ones," I told them. "These must go in packages that need to be shipped." "How about a dog cookie?" Heads hung in disappointment. "or not."

"NO!" White Dog quickly spoke. "The dog cookies are delicious and we would enjoy some. It is just that these cookies smell so very special, so festive, so extraordinary." "I love you Baby  Girl, but you are not going to schmooze me on this. Samples for every one takes nearly a dozen cookies..." White Dog responded in her lawyer voice, "Well, technically only eleven...unless of course you penalize us for the one stolen by the other human in the house."

"In or out, Army. It is a dog cookie...ONE per pup...or nothing! What say you?"

All the White Dogs looked at their leader. At her command, they would stand with her and refuse a treat but no one wanted THAT to be the choice.

WD drew in a breath. She whispered to me..."how about the others get dog cookies and I get a shortbread?" "I know you are a better leader than that. Do not take a page from human politics. All or no one." "Wow! Momma you are so stubborn sometimes. Yes to dog cookies."

The White Dog Army surged forward as i reached for the jar.

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Random Felines said...

She's a tough negotiator