December 11, 2016

White Dog had made herself very nervous. "Sometimes the Internet gives too much information at your paws," I told her. "Let us just wait and see before you jump to all kinds of conclusions."

Trixie was on her way to the vet for a procedure that involved sedating her and taking deep skin samples in an effort to find the cause of her persistent rash and itchies. She would be gone all morning and when she returned we faced a wait of five to seven days before we had the report back...so we really would not know anything more when today was done.

First, WD had worried about the whole idea of the procedure and she whipped the others into a blizzard of concerns and questions. "Will it hurt?" "That is why they will sedate Trixie, so it does not." "What about after?" "She will be on pain meds both for the stitches and for the rash so she will be groggy and weak when she gets home but she will be fine especially after the sedation wears off." "Is it safe?" "Yes, all of Trixie's blood work shows that she can undergo this without worries."

Somewhat reassured the White Dog Army nuzzled their sister and sent her off.

White Dog's research had not ended with the procedure. "We are looking for some things that might be VERY serious, momma. I am worried Trixie might have something catastrophic." "We have exhausted all of the obvious and easy possibilities, Sweet Love, we need to KNOW if we are to put together a plan to bring her back to health. You would not want us to just ignore things, right?"

"I guess we do need to find out," she said, "but Lupus, pemiphigus, the c monster fill me with fear for my Big Beautiful Sister." "Let us not rush to a blind diagnosis just because you have read some things that match her symptoms. That is what testing is for. For her health we need to rely on good science and an insightful vet. It is hard but we must be patient and wait. THEN we put all our focus on fixing the problem. For now, positive thoughts about the test and healing energies, are powerful. Redirect your fear...to that...and to keeping Trix from giving up she is more frustrated than you are. But you know she is a fighter."

The procedure was over quickly and before lunch, Steve brought Trixie home to sleep in the warmth of the kitchen. She looked like a patchwork Frankenstein with her missing bits, shaved parts all over, and staples but WD quickly made it clear that none of the Army was to address her looks in a negative way.

Shortly after Trixie was settled, we heard from Dr. Julia about YoYoMa's weekly blood work on his anemia. He continues to gain in his numbers, now up to 46.5 which firmly puts him in the normal range. We can discontinue his prednisone all together! We will keep monitoring the blood but it seems our boy is back!

I held Yo's face in my hands. "My Baby, could you send Trixie some of your incredible fight and stamina? She could sure use it."


24 Paws of Love said...

Glad the procedure is over and Trixie is safe at home. Praying for an answer and resolution.

24 Paws Crossed.

Great news about Yo! Woo-Woo!

Random Felines said...

sounds like some dog needs to stop checking Dr Google ;) sending Trixie lots of purrs

Brian said...

We sure hope sweet Trixie is okay. Way to go Yo!