December 14, 2016

White Dog beat Steve into the bedroom to wake me. "Does it seem like her eye is swollen?" he asked, carrying Nilla in and placing her next to me on the bed. WD jumped up to co-examine the patient.

"Yes, she does seem puffy especially under the eye," I told him. "Let's take a good look as soon as I dress and they all have breakfast."

Prepared to start the day, Steve was able to report that Nilla had eaten but seemed tentative on one side of her mouth. Her eye area was clearly swollen now. Nilla looked miserable.

"I think we have a tooth or gums infection, a mouth thing happening," I told her and the rest of the Army gathered around as I touched her gently. "Better call and see if we can get her in."

I crossed my fingers as I dialed. I already knew that Dr. Julia was not in on Wednesdays so I tried the new vet we are testing out as a second. Sadly the receptionist said they were in surgery all morning and booked for most of the day. I explained the situation. "Anything at the very end of the day?" I pleaded. "The infection seems to be getting nasty." She put me and hold and came back to say they would see Nilla at the very end of office hours.

"Just hang on Little Ray of Sunshine," I told her. "We have an appointment but it is not until later. I know you must hurt."

After sitting in a huge traffic jam, we rushed into the vet's office. Steve had alerted them that we were stuck so they were ready the second we walked in the door.

Poor Nilla has an infected tooth whose root is inflamed and pushing against the optic nerve. Tomorrow she will go in for surgery to remove the offending tooth and clean out the infection. For tonight, she has an antibiotic and a pain killer to get her through the night. Both of which she seems VERY grateful to have.

Sadly, Nilla must fast and will need to forego after walk treats. The WDA, at White Dog's prompting offered to give up treats for all this evening in solidarity but Nilla would not hear of it. "Please, no." she insisted, "I would feel terrible knowing my tooth caused everyone pain."

Hopefully by noon tomorrow Nilla's discomfort will be gone for good along with the offending tooth. White Dog whispered, "I am in a way glad a bad tooth is ALL it is...I feared so much when I sniffed her."


meowmeowmans said...

Poor, sweet Nilla! We are glad it was a tooth, and not something more sinister. Sending love and healing purrs and prayers!

Brian said...

We hope all is okay by now, poor sweetie.

Random Felines said...

Poor Nilla....mom says she can relate

Wyatt Airedale said...

Glad you got after that in good time. Happy Holidays for Nilla and the WDA!

Wyatt Airedale said...

Glad you got after that in good time. Happy Holidays for Nilla and the WDA!